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Every month there is either the introduction of new legislation, ongoing amendments to tax policies, new products and services that impact on some aspect of our lives at one time or another. These of course can be sourced on the internet, newspapers, magazines and many other types of media communication.

However, not all these changes lend themselves to be being simply read by the individual due to their complexity. If relevant, one can always ask an expert such as tax expert, corporate lawyer, financial planner, but may incur considerable cost.

Improving your understanding of what is important to you

BLG Wealth host with their strategic partners a programme of seminars for both personal and corporate clients that are designed to:

  • Alert you of future important changes to legislation that will require some degree of forward planning
  • Inform you of factors you should be aware of that could be of benefit or detrimental to your current situation
  • Educate you on the potential consequences of proposed changes

At these seminars we identify the problem, look at how it affects you and then review your options as to the most appropriate available solutions.

Attending the wrong event

  • starts behind schedule
  • unable to hear the speaker
  • unable to see the slides in detail
  • the presentations are too complex to be useful
  • it is boring
  • the presenter is uninspiring
  • the environment is too hot, too cold, too dark etc
  • the presentation overruns
  • it wasn’t what was expected

Our approach: We understand your time is valuable

Our process ensures that prior to booking you will have a clear understanding of the content of the seminar, what you will learn and why you should attend. The standard agenda would include an overview of the issues, consequences of inaction, detailed look at the potential solutions, case studies and opportunities to ask questions.

We don’t host presentations to demonstrate how clever we are. We want to ensure the attendees know what they need to know in simple, easy to understand language.

Attendees enjoy BLG Wealth seminars because they;

  • explain what you can expect from attending
  • stick to set timescales
  • cover important subjects
  • alert, educate and inform
  • use simple explanations with no jargon
  • ensure they are lively and interactive


Get In touch

If you are interested in coming to an event or you would like to learn more about our services, then we would be delighted to hear from you. Call us on 020 7628 2089 or alternatively fill in the contact form.

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